Generative AI: Prompt Crafting and Creative Exploration

The workshop will take place on August 23, 2022, on Zoom and Youtube Livestreaming

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2022 and 2023 have witnessed a remarkable development in the world of AI technologies, with the introduction of a number of AI-art and text generation models that are able to create wonderfully detailed and beautiful images and text. It seems that a new revolution in the digital art and AI landscape is on the horizon. But the technology also doesn't come without its controversy and setbacks.

This tutorial session will walk you through some of the most popular AI art and text generation techniques available on the market today. We will go through the explanation behind the techniques, how we can curate awe-inspiring images with prompt engineering techniques, delve into the discussion of their benefits, their potentials for both good and harmful effects, and try to create some masterpieces of our own in the exercises.

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Huy Dang
Huy Dang

Huy Dang is the Manager of the Data Science Lab and the Coordinator for the Master of Data Science for Public Policy at the Hertie School. Before joining Hertie, he was a government official at the Ministry of Finance of Vietnam and a strategic investment specialist in IFC-compliant development projects. His interest is primarily in the field of machine learning, AI-generated art, and computer vision.

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