Hands-on Transformers: Fine-tune your own BERT and GPT

The workshop will take place tentatively on August 22, 2023, on Zoom and Youtube Livestreaming

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While Transformer models like BERT and GPTs are becoming more popular, there is a persistent misconception that they are very complicated to use. This workshop will demonstrate that this is not the case anymore. There are amazing open-source packages like Hugging Face Transformers that enable anyone with some programming knowledge to use, train and evaluate Transformers.

We will start with an intuitive introduction to transfer learning and discuss its added value for social science use-cases as well as limitations. We will then look at the open-source ecosystem and free hardware options to train Transformers. Building upon a high-level explanation of the main components of Transformers in Hugging Face’s implementation, we will then fine-tune different BERT and GPT models and discuss important aspects of fine-tuning and evaluation.

The code demonstrations will be in Python, but participants without prior knowledge of Python or Transformers are explicitly invited to participate. You will leave the workshop with Jupyter notebooks that enable you to train your own Transformer with your own data for your future research projects.“


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Moritz Laurer
Moritz Laurer

Moritz Laurer is an Associate Researcher in the Global Governance, Regulation, Innovation, Digital Economy (GRID) unit at CEPS. He co-organises the European Policy Data Science Network, a network of data-driven researchers in leading think tanks and civil society organisations. Besides his work for CEPS, Moritz is currently pursuing a PhD in supervised machine learning for political text analyses at Free University of Amsterdam. On a more personal level, Moritz is passionate about using data science to analyse European politics and co-founded the NGO DataMine Europe ASBL. He is currently a visiting fellow at the Hertie School Data Science Lab.

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Hands-on Transformers: Fine-tune your own BERT and GPT (Part I)

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Hands-on Transformers: Fine-tune your own BERT and GPT (Part II)

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