Linear Algebra for Data Science

The workshop will take place tentatively on July 29, 2022, on Zoom and Youtube Livestreaming

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The Data Science Summer School is a series of theoretical and practical workshops on the exciting methods and technologies currently employed by industry, government, and civil society to address the world's most complex problems today. It is organized by the Hertie School Data Science Lab with funding and support from the Hertie School.

Workshop Details

How can we run operations and analysis on large quantity of data? We need matrices to represent these data, process the network structure and learning operations to mine for insights. Linear Algebra is an essential branch of mathematics to help make running algorithms on massive datasets feasible. This workshop will help you to develop an understanding in this important branch of mathematics for data science.

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Lewin Stein
Lewin Stein

Lewin Stein is currently a Supercomputing & Computational Fluid Dynamics consultant at the Zuse Institute Berlin. He has a Ph.D. in physical engineering from TU Berlin and 10+ years software development with a focus on computational fluid dynamics and acoustics. He is skilled in Fortran, MPI, Python, Matlab and is a interdisciplinary collaborator accustomed to international environments.

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Linear Algebra for Data Science (Part I)

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Linear Algebra for Data Science (Part II)

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